Why do we all Coo at Babies?

cooing at baby

If you’ve ever wondered why we all have the same reaction to a newborn baby (smiling like a loon and speaking in a high pitched voice) then read on to see how we are just naturally reacting to what our baby needs.

Smiling Like a Loon!
No one can resist smiling broadly at a newborn baby, so why do we do that?  Sight is the least developed sense at birth but  research has shown that a newborn can focus on objects 8-10 inches from their faces – this is about the distance that your own face will be from your baby when you are feeding and cuddling them.  You might notice that your baby seems to stare at you intently during this time, and that’s because they are starting to recognise faces and can even recognise a drawing of a face or a face on a toy, they can recognise a smile from a very early age too and by about 2 months of age will be smiling back at you.

Speaking in a High Pitched Squeaky Voice
Here’s another mystery, but we all do it!  As soon as we see a baby, we all instantly pitch our voices much higher but this is ideal for your baby as  newborns don’t have quite perfect hearing because their inner ear is full of fluid and so a high pitched sound is much easier for them to respond to, so keep squeaking away, your baby will love it.

Give Us a  Cuddle!
We all want a hold of a newborn baby and this is perfect to help stimulate their development as  babies thrive on lots of physical contact.  Your baby’s skin is ultra sensitive and so the softer the touch, like your own skin or the softer the fabric on their favourite toy,  the better for your baby.  Touch is a vital sense that helps your baby understand the world around them, by day 5 they will have their first experience of pain with the heel prick test, an important blood test that screens for serious conditions such as Sickle Cell Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Congenital Hypothyroidism and Inherited Metabolic diseases.  Its over quickly and a cuddle will help soothe your baby afterwards.

Straight in the Mouth!

Its a natural thing for babies as soon as they are able to put everything in their mouth and its their way of exploring their new environment.  As the months go on, and teeth start to make an appearance, chewing on a ridged teether helps to provide some relief and encourages the teeth to break through.

Sniff that Baby!
Every wondered why people can’t resist the smell of a newborn?  According to research the smell of newborns  triggers dopamine  to be released in the brain— the same “pleasure pathways” affected by cocaine, food, and other stimuli that evoke reward response. Newborn babies are able to recognise the smell of breast milk and so its a great idea for Mum to sleep with their comforter on the first night, and then give it to the baby, as the smell will be transferred, giving your baby reassurance and comfort during the night.

Your newborn baby will sleep for up to 18 out of 24 hours but when they’re awake, its your chance to interact with your baby and help them understand their new surroundings.  To help your baby settle when they are not with you, and to encourage their development when they are, the Pipsy Koala Comfort Doudou is there to help reinforce all that you do as a parent and to reassure and comfort your baby.

Pipsy Koala Comfort Doudous  Give babies vital early stimulation

pipsy koala doudous


Smiles All Round

  • The Pipsy Koala Soft Comfort Doudou has a big smile, as we know that babies respond well to this and it can provide comfort when Mum or Dad aren’t there.


Squeaky Nose

  • Because Babies can respond to a higher pitched noise, the squeaker helps to focus their attention and stimulate their hearing.


Soft Soft Soft

  • We’ve chosen the softest fabrics for our Doudou so that when its laying next to your baby’s skin it feels comforting and reassuring.   We’ve added a different texture on the back, soft squidgy ears and tactile satin ribbons too which will help your baby to explore and learn about new sensations.


Chewy Teethers

  • We’ve added two ridged teethers to help your baby ease the pain of teething
  • Smelling Good! Well, it will smell wonderful to your baby after you have spent a night with your comforter, helping your baby to settle during the night.

Size Is Everything

  • The Pipsy Koala Comfort Doudou is just the right size for a newborn baby, but we want it to be there for your child however old they are, so its made to last with extra strong seams and quality fabrics to stand up to wash after wash and to be there for your child whenever they need it.

You can but the Pipsy Koala comfort Doudous from these great stockists, RRP £8.99


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