Changing Out and About; A Guide to Changing Bags

changing_bagIf you have a little one on the way, or yours has just arrived. It will have occurred to you that there is a lot of stuff to carry around. Just for nappy changes there can be a lot of things both obvious and not so obvious that you will need, and some emergency items you might need too! We have compiled a handy list of essentials for you:

  • 3 or more nappies (Of course more for an extended trip)
  • A few non-disposable nappies if you’re using re-usable cloth nappies
  • A pack of wet wipes
  • Nappy bags
  • A portable changing mat such as the small and soft Pipsy Koala travel changing mat, included with the Pipsy Koala changing bag
  • A change of clothes in case the nappy leaks (or two!)
  • Disinfectant hand gel for your hands and your baby
  • The ever versatile muslin cloth
  • A messy bag for hygienically carrying dirty items home, also included with the Pipsy Koala changing bag
  • Food and milk for the baby
  • Some toys to keep your baby entertained and teething toys and teething gel if their teeth are coming through. A dummy is always a good idea too.
  • Many people like to carry a camera to capture any special moments they might otherwise miss.


So where to keep all that stuff? In a changing bag of course! There are hundreds to choose from. Most changing  bags are over shoulder designs to carry on your shoulder, or to sling over both shoulders and wear like a messenger bag. Inside you usually find a number of compartments, 1 or 2 main compartments ideal for keeping changing mats, nappies, wet wipes and even laptops or documents. You often find a pocket on the side, ideal for carrying a baby bottle, or just a normal water bottle. There are often one or more velcro compartments on the outside ideal for easy access to things like breast pads, formula or any small items.  The bag also comes with a handy insulated bottle cooler keeping the bottle cool or warm for longer. There are also of course plenty of pockets for keeping phones, wallets and keys in.

The Pipsy Koala changing bag is made to last, and being as versatile as changing bags are, it will be useful long after you need it for your baby. The neutral colours are unisex and the entire surface including the straps, changing mat and messy bag are wipe clean. The bag comes with several extremely handy items you will need to change your baby. Included is:

  • A travel changing mat
  • An insulated bottle carrier
  • A messy bag
  • Plenty of pockets!
  • A widely adjustable strap
  • Flat base to stand on it’s own unassisted
  • Attractive unisex design


The bag has 2 main compartments inside with a wipe clean divider between them. On the side it has another 2 smaller wipe clean pockets. And on the front a large velcro pocket for quick access to items. On the side it has a small pocket ideal for carrying bottles. The strap is adjustable to fit anyone, and the bag has attractive gender neutral styling. The zip pull and strap buckles are metal and will last a life time. The zip itself is a thick hard plastic, and is bigger than a normal zip on a bag such as this, so will stand up to plenty of use.

If you are interested in a Pipsy Koala changing bag they can be purchased from many good retailers in the UK at an RRP of £24.99. You can purchase it from:



Daisy Baby Shop

Kiddiequip Baby